ReadWorks – Helping Teachers Teach and Students Read

May 20, 2014 by wilsonneelynyc

Reading is a fundamental part of education; every class depends on a student’s ability to read well, and setbacks in reading ability can impact a student’s entire class schedule, not to mention future academic achievement. Unfortunately, the United States continues to have major problems in ensuring that all of its students meet the necessary standards: Even controlling for income, two-thirds of American fourth-grade students fail at reading proficiency tests. More startlingly, students who demonstrate a lack of reading proficiency in the third grade drop out of high school at a rate four times higher than their well-read peers do. In order to help correct this endemic and serious problem, ReadWorks, a New York-based nonprofit organization, has developed useful tools to help students and teachers alike reach their reading goals.

ReadWorks provides a free, online curriculum filled with class materials and lesson plans designed to help teachers approach English education with research-based practices that correspond to the curricula of all 50 states. With free reading passages, as well as study units designed to test strategy, comprehension, and skill, ReadWorks makes it easy for teachers to find material to use in the classroom that will make reading fun and approachable. The program has already been a massive success, with nearly 20 percent of all U.S. elementary and middle school teachers registered with ReadWorks. In New York City, this figure climbs north of 50 percent.

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