The World Scout Jamboree – An International Scouting Tradition

September 8, 2014 by wilsonneelynyc

World Scout Jamboree pic Since its creation in 1907, the Scouting program has become an international movement aimed at reaching young men and boys all over the globe. To this end, the founder, Robert Baden-Powell, organized international gatherings, which today exist as the regular World Scout Jamborees.

As with any international movement, Scouts have had to bend their plans for worldwide events and conflicts. The first Jamboree was planned for the 10-year anniversary of Scouting, but the outbreak of World War I led to a delay. Instead of 1917, the first World Scout Jamboree occurred in 1920, in Kensington, London.

Since the first Jamboree, follow-up events have occurred roughly every four years. Countries including Hungary, Denmark, the Philippines, and Chile have played host to the gathering. While some Jamborees have been beset by difficulties, such as the typhoon that disrupted the 13th World Scout Jamboree in Japan, it continues to be a proud tradition, with future Jamborees planned in Japan and the United States for 2015 and 2019.

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