Wildlife Management at Philmont Scout Ranch

October 21, 2014 by wilsonneelynyc

Currently the Boy Scouts of America’s foremost High Adventure Base, Philmont Scout Ranch offers a unique opportunity for Scouts and their families to explore the wilderness of New Mexico. The plains surrounding Philmont Scout Ranch play host to a wide variety of species, which have ensured the continuing health and balance of the ecosystem. As such, Philmont Scout Ranch offers an in-depth wildlife management program designed to uphold the Boy Scouts of America’s values of conservation and sustainability.

Through its Sportsman Adventures program, Philmont Scout Ranch has taught countless Scouts about responsible stewardship of the land. In years past, Sportsman Adventures programs have ranged from repairing the effects of erosion after the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire to reintroducing the threatened Rio Grande cutthroat trout to South Ponil Creek. Philmont Scout Ranch also organizes special big game hunting trips, which ensure balanced population levels among game species. Participants in hunting trips must obtain the proper permits from Philmont Scout Ranch.

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